Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Perfect Lazy Muscat Weekend: my own photos

If I had to describe the perfect lazy Muscat weekend it would include enjoining the shade of palms in the lower gardens of Ras Al Hamra...
  ...a stop to drink cool water from this quiet little Masjid.
 ...Before enjoying the calm of aquamarine waters and letting my daughter wade and splash while I enjoy going barefoot in golden sands .
 ...Picnicing under shining palaces in the sun (not really a palace).
 ...Enjoying the Shatti corniche at the strange moment when it is almost wholly abandoned.
 ...Shopping Mutrah in the local way, the other side.
 Enjoying the Muttrah Corniche, the most magical road in Muscat.
 Obsessing about Portuguese and Persian influence in coastal architecture. Nothing is better than doors and shutters painted turquoise. Serriously.
 Getting a new abaya. And wearing it.
...And enjoying curling up in a corner in the sun with nothing else much to do but sip spiced tea and read some old story of Piarates and Princes and Oman long long ago.

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MJ said...

Love Love this post! Beautiful