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School Uniforms in Oman

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I personally only attended a school with a uniform for two months and that was in my class 12 year of highschool. Until my chemistry teacher admitted that he had fallen in love with me and I consequently dropped the class which was the only one I was taking from that particular school because my regular school didn't offer chemistry during that particular time slot and I needed my English litt., and other courses. The uniform was alot different than the Omani ones but since I wasn't formally enrolled in the school they gave me a month more to start wearing it. It was pretty damn cold out that month and unlike the other students I didn't live in the area so trecking across the city in a flimsy blouse and skirt was not my preference for January.

I never completed chemistry and my vast experience in school uniform's is thus limited to the short skirts and sweatshirts of our non-uniform wearing highschool's feild hockey team and the booty shorts and sports bras of our high school cheer squad (which I was kicked out of for not being positive enough and refusing to wear booty shorts and besides that I hated holding bakes sales). No big loss.

My opinion of school uniforms is that I think they create a ruling class in schools, and put other schools over other schools, which defies the purpose to which pro-uniform people propose them to perform, which is to create an evironment of equality among students so that the sole focus of school is school.

You can agree to disagree but no form of dress will stop people from puting others over themselves or themselves above other. The uniform just stresses the financial and creative girls over others. The latest designer handbags, shoes, and accessories are the standouts. And limiting creative expression even to that small extent makes me sad. I enjoy people expressing themselves even though the results can be some girls are the "rich girls" and others "the artists" and the rest are "the other girls at the school".

Plus, in Oman, you have alot of private schools, so some people rate kids in one school uniform as being superior than other school uniforms based on the expense of attending the schools.

Omani government school is based on a military-like approach. The uniform for boys is dishdasha and short cropper hair. The girls uniform is a maroon or navy blue tunic dress over white trousers and shirt with a white headscarf.

My daughter is going to attend Omani government school. I want her to see the Oman most Omanis live because she will otherwise grow up a little different from them. I know the teaching and funding of these schools isn't the best (any teacher that gives 2 hours of homework everyday of the week isn't doing their job). Does anyone know what restrictions are further placed on the girls' uniforms? Like are they not allowed to wear headbands or pins on the scarves, or different coloured shoes, ect?

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