Monday, December 10, 2012

Home is where the heart is.

This week is kind of special for one particular OPNO girl. Thank you Oman for finally finishing up our papers:D

Congratualions to A for finally officially becomming an Omani. You have a Shiekh and a tribe and everything now. You may enjoy the GCC line. You may go to UAE without paying extorition the visa fee imposed upon all Canadians simply because Emirati airlines are trying bully Canada [but who can blame them, everyone else does too, so why not?]. Anyways, thank goodness, because the women in the women-only section at the courthouse always look at me like I am freak while I am waiting with you.

Omani woman every-time: "You are married to an Omani?"
Me: "Yes".
Omani woman: "Miskeen [Poor thing]. So why are you getting a divorce?"
Me: "?" "Errr, no."
Omani woman: "Miskeen."

Since all the women there are usually getting a divorce and custody of their children is in question, and it is either very depressing to be the only happy person there, or, well dangerous, since I have witnessed women leaping across the courtroom to attack men on the other side and vice versa, and families fighting just outside the court gate. Either that or women weeping because they are there for an inheritance and there's dispute or something and everyone is miserable because their father died or something.

Or of questioning the logic of why a woman who is a non-Arabic speaker must attend court in the first place and why her husband can't speak for her since nothing she says in English is admissable under Omani law anyways but go figure.

Or having to deal with the translator who translates everything WROOOOONGGGGG.

Alhamdulilah, no more of that.

Oman, we do love thee. But alhamdulilah, the passport phase is over.


New Wife said...

mashaAllah mabrooooooooook!

Anonymous said...

Interesting! I, too have applied for the passport as my husband is Omani. Out of curiosity, how long did it take from start to finish for the whole process? What about the Canadian nationality? Did she still retain that?

Maryam said...

Great news! Alf mabrook ;-)
I'm trying to get an iraqi pasport.

❤ αmαℓ said...

Mashallah! Congratulations! Now you'll have to change your name from OPNO to just Omani Princess ;p hehe

Mustafa said...

In some countries, passport is just a tools used by people, but in others it's an identity.
I met with some Indians, here in Oman. Their identity, culture, traditional and life style are completely Indian, but their passports are European!.
Oman doesn't have different levels of passports as some countries have, It have only one. So when it give you the passport, It's mean it give an identity not a tool!.

I don’t know exactly the rules to get the Omani passport, but I know it's so difficult!.
In my opinion, knowing the country language should be one of the provisions, because language is one of the main culture’s components.
Congratulation for A and hope all the other OPNO will get soon.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

New Wife: Thank you;)

Anonymous: It depends if you count the paperwork process for permission ect? It took 1 year and 3 months from the application for the passport, not counting the other stuff, which took yeeeeaaars. But this case was kind of unique as her grandfather was offered an Omani passport soooo...

Maryam: What is that process like?

Amal: I am still in the process;). Honestly, I haven't applied. My permission still has kinks in it, since our Shiekh decided to go off to Yemen and got killed there without sending us the aqed nikah. We are at the stage where he just got the government to grant us an aqed nikah in the absence of the Sheikh. LOL, I never do ANYTHING the easy way. Ppl must think I am such a drama queen but I swear, none of it is ever my fault. Stuff just happens to me lol.

Mustafa: For any of the OPNo girls who applied for a passport, they see it as an identity and gave up their other nationality. Most of us are Omani already in everything that is good about Oman. Except Arabic is haaaaard lol. Some of the girls speak Arabic, some don't. We all speak a little, just not fluent or in our inlaws accent ect..

I disagree about the language a little. I think the requirements should eb an understanding of the culture for sure, but it depends. Some ppl may sevre the country better by using Japanese for the OMani government ect, or English to do important work. So it depends on a case to case basis. But that is a Canadian persepctive. We never ask ppl who become Canadians to speak English or French fluently lol. But I definately think if one takes an Omani passport they should accept the culture and not just be here to make money or because the plac eis better than their home country ect...

Anonymous said...

An Arabic exam, islamic studies exam, cultural exam, covic duty exam, and omani history exam should be a must.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Anon: I'd totally agree except that I would pass for sure everything but the Arabic exam and most Omani Omanis would fail such a test themselves soooooo... I don't know.

And the Islamic and civic duty exams might contradict eachother. Because many Shariah principles are not upheld in Omani law. I don't know what else to say on that.

Such a test system would be much better than the m"aybe your paperwork will make it through the end of all this hassle and if you were paitent enough to put up with all this crap you must love our country" system that is currently in place;)

Omanly said...

Nationality is so much more than a passport. I think the best way to judge if somebody can be considered Omani or not, is by asking peer Omanis how do they consider him/her. If they consider you one of them you are there and that will never be taken away from you. If they still consider your a Canadian married to an Omani, there is no passport that will ever change that. This is a never ending debate between the jus soli (the nationality=citizenship) and the jus sanguini (nationality=origin+culture). It is likely (unfortunately) that the latter will eventually lose but the debate is still source of major problems and conflicts around the word. That being said congrats for the passport and wish there were more Omani's thinking and living like probably you do.

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

I've applied. I'm waiting. I don't speak a lick of Arabic. I'm western. I love Oman. This is my home. I'll never be Omani. Ever.