Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Shiekh Zayed Palace Museum in UAE

Now I personally found out the timings forthis Museum through this blog and all pictures are credited to the author of that website:). So just follow the link to know more details about visiting, such as the museum's own website and official visiting times (and more photos).
In case you didn't know it, Sheikh Zayed is the man who united the United Arab Emirates. And as much as Omanis I have known don't like alot of things about UAE, most of them really respect Sheikh Zayed (who passed away while my family was in UAE and everything stopped for a week as people were honestly utterly devastated).

I personally find all GCC traditional architecture to be very practical and beautiful in terms of being perfectly adapted to the climate. UAE takes alot of influence from Gulf building methods a little from Persian design.
Many of the wealthy owned four poster beds made in either the Portuguese or Zanzibari style.
Cooking area.
My favourite room. I like the majlis cushions embroidered in the traditional Emirati style.


Alice said...

I've just noticed that "I don't do Wasta" sign on the blog lol! Someone is clearly fed up with wasta. Is it some kind of trend among Omani bloggers to put this sign to protest, or just a personal expression of being fed up with this form of corruption?

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Alice: I really don't like the intense tribalism here, and wasta is a symptom of it. It keeps Oman from being a great country and society. I took it off of dhofari Gucci's blog as protest against the tribal attitudes infecting the GCC.

The corruption usually just makes me laugh in Oman because it is nowhere as bad as the other Gulf states but the whole tribalistic attitude drives me INSANE!!!!!

I have a "tribe" now and that means some people I don't know at all don't want me to succeed, and other people want to give me things I don't deserve. I partake of nobody's battle:)