Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Muscat properties: some eye candy

This particular Muscat property for lease had such lush gardens (and tennis court)
 ...So of course my imagination ran away with me. What if I lived here... Well first I'd have to reno the kitchen....

Something deliciously Moorish or Basque....
Comfy and rustic.
My wardrobe would have to have a I'm-on-vacation-vibe" to it....
The bathroom(s) would also need to be re-done.

Are you like me? Do you constantly property fantasize and renovate and personalize in your mind when you see something or somewhere that inspires you?
I'd finally have an excuse to buy one of those rugs woven on Jebal Shams (besides that I love them)
And have somewhere appropriate to hang those old oryx horns we found out in the desert.
And I'd definately paint the exterior a warmer shade. And since this is purely fantasy there'd totally be a fireplace or fire-pit somewhere even though, Muscat is only cold enough at night for a fire once or twice a year. This is my fantasy. Let me have it. Because I can't afford this property but maybe if you are lucky, you can;)