Saturday, November 3, 2012

More Zanzibari Interior Design Inspirations (and food+ a little henna)

In honor of my girl M who is getting married this week (who is the Omani girl who SWORE she'd never marry an Omani and had to move to the UK but consequently fell in love with the first guy her mother arranged for her to speak to lol) and in celebration of all things Zanzibari-Omani in general (because I love so many things from your culture M, from the food, the colours, the spices, to the happy and relaxed family life to the furniture) here's a few look at some beautiful Zanzibari eye-candy with all the wishings of happiness for my friend whose decided to stay and live in her own culture:
For MOP, Zanzibari cuisine means spiced seafood, and strange and exotic fruits. I for one, am no fan of that odd drink everyone seems to love made from the bird-like fruit but MOP can't handle not ordering it if we happen to go to any East African restaurant in Muscat.
For me, I absolutely refuse to visit you my Zanzibari friends, if it is a mealtime and you do not offer me a Sambusa. To me sambusa and those rolled and fried spiced potatoes (whatever you call those) are, like, the Zanzibari hospitality equivelents of Interior Omanis and fruit and Qahwa (coffee). Except way more delicious.
And for Aalia who didn't want to try Zanzibari food because normally she doesn't like, that's where the mishakeek you love sooooooo much comes from;)

As of this week, our beautiful (inside and out) friend M is being pampered with traiditional (and not so traditional) beauty treatments. I myself have bought the overly tight, overly sparkly floor length ballgown required for the occasion in honour of my friend. But I won't be doing the hair or the make-up to the extent of others form here in Muscat. I hope S and Z will be there.
See you girls at the henna night, inshaAllah.

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HijabPrincess said...

Wow, beautiful pictures Mashallah, makes me hungry and wanna move to Oman immediatelly. I love the furniture with the ornaments and dark wood so much.
ws and an amazing week for you
btw im not a robot and had to type the security letters about 3 times :)