Friday, November 9, 2012

Inside this Muscat Home pt 2

I absolutely adore the shells under this glass-top table, perfect for a sea-facing Muscat home. The use of elegant but not ostentatious wooden furniture, a big comfortable sofa and armchair, mixed with local finds like a silver scroll-case, persian carpets, spell out a fullfilled and lived-in space that recalls my own expatriate mother's home here....
 ...Especially this photograph of Oman's "little green bee-eater" [my own mother is a wildlife photographer and has many souvenir images of her time in Oman].
 I love the vivid colours of the curtains and while doilies and any flower arrangement with baby's breath in it is not to my personal taste, it does recall the home's owners personal styles.
A with a backyard veiw like the above pictured, what's not to love about life here in this particular home?

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