Friday, November 30, 2012

Being Blackmailed as of Late... by Saudi and Omani men leads to our amusement

Cultural notes to provide some background for my rant:

1.) For the majority of women belonging to Omani, Emirati Saudi, Qatari, Kuwaiti, Baharaini families, ect.... posting one's photograph on the internet or whatsapp ect, especially of one's face---- and that's not even getting into photos showing one's hair and uncovered skin or tighter fashions----is considered to be something unsurpassingly horrifying. It is a tribal shame for the families, and can result in some pretty horrible things happening to the girl within her culture. Divorce, lack of marriage offers, being ostercized by her family (even her husband and her brother being ostercized by association). Never mind that anything a guy does never usually get him wholly thrown out from society around here.

I honestly, as a Muslim, don't understand WHY. If one didn't have the intention of showing one's self, or if one is dressed modestly as one appears publically, Islam states for Muslims this is perfectly fine, and the sin goes to the person who purposely exposed the other. But even my Omani husband sees something different between appearing in public dressed modestly, and posting a picture of one's self dressed modestly on the internet ect... To him in public it is not my fault if some guy happens to stare at me in a pervy way but if I put my photo out there, then it is used for something pervy, then it is my fault, to his Omani-cultural understanding. Islam would disagree but anyhow.

2.) It has been the case in Oman where bestfriends [female] have inflicted revenge on one another through shaming with photographs once trustingly left in their care, or ex-lovers. As is often the case with lovers, photographs are often used as blackmail material to continue a relationship even after the horrifying character of the man has been made known to the woman and the greatness of her error in giving any intamcy to the cad whatsoever made so dreadfully apparent.

Text messages are used in the same manner. Proof of unmarried men and women corresponding between one another can cause all kinds of negative reprecussions. In order to limit any insult to one's character most Omani women use a very formal undertone to even their business dealings and don't like to be contacted after working hours or discuss any small talk or personal matters.

So onto my rant.

The Rant:

The OPNO girls (the blog's contributers) have suffered from two varying attempts at blackmail as of late. Being that we are not Omani, or Saudi for that matter, these blackmail attempts had us laughing-out-loud with hysteria instead of sweating it out. But we can surely imagine some poor local girls contending with these loser GCC guys creeps so we will tell the effect of our response upon our would-be-blackmailers to give girls out there being preyed upon some line of defense.
1.) The first case. One of my friends recently divorced a Saudi real loser. Ever since he's been threatening her, doing all kinds of things to intimidate her and thus she's guarded her current location and all contact info from him. One of these acts of intimidation included hacking into her FB account and apparently stealing the pictures of her  most vulnerable friends (those married into his culture).

So, ex-husband dumbass here decides to try and blackmail me with my own photos [without hijab] which he has stolen, threatening to post them all over the internet unless I tell him where my friend lives and give him her phone number ect... As I am married to a local and this is a shame beyond shame to my husband's proud and guarded family, he figures he's gonna get what he wants pronto.

...But it took me a while to figure out his bad English. Which of course, made the threat entirely less threatening because it very well could have been written by a first-grader.

My response was natural. Why? Because a. Like it is really any sin to me if he does that so I am like, whatever, Raken Al I shouldn't shame your family Loser, just try to choose one where I look super fly, ok? No desert trash is gonna get to my girls through me, and b. there's photos of me without hijab already floating around in the world because until I reached the age of 20 I never wore it and lived a very Western-lifestyle so... meh. We could all find photos exposing this loser too floating around out there, so its all just a big, meh.

...And as far as I know, he then never found it of any benefit to himself to post anything.
2.) The second case. One of the OPNO girls works for the Omani government and is married to an Omani. At her work another Omani loser decided that since he had her number through their work, he'd try to strike up a friendship creep-attack. She at first politely avoided any attempt at inquiring into her personal life such as "where are you planning to build your villa" "what style do you like" "how is you family" which she knew from the start were just attempts to get into her pants. Any self-respecting Omani guy doesn't strike a real friendship with an Omani gal this way.

So she texted him that she felt entirely uncomfortable with him contacting her after hours and asking about anything at all not work related.

The real creep within surfaced. Texts were sent at an alarming rate. Stalking and creepy lurking around her office commenced. She changed her number. To no avail, because he retrieved her new number from one of her unsuspecting collegues.

A new warning was sent from Creep-O to her phrased similarily: "I miss talking to you. Remember, I am in charge of parking and time-ins here in [insert the exact Ministry]. It would be a shame if you had to walk in the hot sun every day, wouldn't it? Or if [insert name of their director] knew what time every day you cam back from lunch." [Because  Creep-O was OBVIOUSLY unaware that the director was usually responsible for the lunch-time errands that made her arrive at a different time than the rest of the office staff].

All the OPNO girls agree, that is the LAMEST GCC-guy loser attempt at blackmail EVEEEEEER!!!! ..."if you had to walk in the hot sun everyday," LOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, blackmailing someone by hanging over their head the threat of taking away their parking space PROBABLY wouldn't work on even the most culturally-bound Omani girls, so.... yeah.

The texted threats were immediately taken to her Director, along with her previous texts asking Creep-O to lay off, with a request if the Director himself wanted to handle the situation or if he preferred the ROP [Royal Oman Police] to be involved.

Alas, sadly for Creep-O, this action encouraged other Omani women from the same building he was blackmailing to come forward, and MOP [blog darling and Omani-male speciman supreme] was contacted to deliver some more traditional-Omani-tribal-related justice. Don't worry, Creep-O sadly survived to blackmail-another-day. But he won't be doing it on company time anymore:).

Do any of my female readers [or even male, there's a lot of good husbands and brother sand collegues out there] have similar stories of delightfully amusing attempts at failed blackmail to share?


❤ αmαℓ said...

I haven't had to deal with any "blackmail" but LOL at walking in the hot sun threat. Some guys are just so desperate and pathetic.

Omanly said...

it's unfortunate the way these guys need to learn that it takes two to tango. and besides dancing with somebody who is all but there, is not really pleasant so why the whole blackmailing hassle?

ღUmmعℓαwiღ said...

Rakan is such a weirdo and again my apologies for any inconvenience... I banned him on my Blog but he keeps checking anyways -_-

PS thnx for helping me see the humour in my biggest marital-life

ღUmmعℓαwiღ said...

**biggest mistake ever in my marital-life LoL

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Amal: Depserate and pathetic is one word for the creep. Another is scared-to-death of anyone from my tribe now lol.

Omanly: Exactly. I am sur eif the guy travelled, even he could find a girlfriend without blackmailing someone. Sighhh.

Ummmmmmm: Your life is always an adventure lol, no worries. I am ok with it. Sorry I thought that you were such a bad speller at first hehehehe. And I can relate to mistakes;)

Anonymous said...

Loool these guys need to get a life !!but i have to say that posting pictures is not a big problem anymore in oman, atleast for the girls 23 years and below . families have became more understanding, as long as the pictures are decent