Wednesday, June 6, 2012

When Omanis using the letter "p" instead of the "b" annoys me

You know what really bugs me?

Well, to explain this pet peeve, first I must explain that the arabic language has no letter "p". They use the letter "b" in Pepsi for example "bebsi" in the translation of the brand name to Arabic. This doesn't bother me so much.

What bothers me is when Omani friends and family translate an Arabic word (that obviously SHOULD have a "B" for the sound, to a "p".

Various text messages to point "Seeb":

"We'll meet you a Seep mall."
"Im in Seep."
"what about seep?"


To show that they know the "p" exists.

STOP BLOODY DOING THIS! IT ANNOYS ME! Use your language to translate your own words!

If you did this, all the signs in Oman would say the same thing, there wouldn't be 5 different versions for the same place.

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