Monday, June 4, 2012

Selling Burqas Online: crystal burqas from Oman

Silver "Pearl-Drop" Crystal Burqa. ***Priced 20.000 Omani rials/ 52.00 USD***
There was someone who asked me about buying some crystalized burqas from Oman a while ago?

I didn't find any sellers who ship but I guess I could pick up one for you if you Western-unioned me the cost of it and the shipping so let me know if you'd want to do that?

I've posted some photos with their prices in Omani rials (and what that PROBABLY is in US dollars). I will look at the exhibitions for more style options when I can but those are limited.

Gold "Pearl-Drop" Crystal Burqa. ***Priced 20.000 Omani rials/ 52.00 USD***

Silver "water-fall" Crystal Burqa. ***Priced 25.000 Omani rials/65.00 USD***

Gold "waterfall" Crystal Burqa. ***Priced 25.000 Omani rials/65.00 USD***
Shipping totally depends on where you want it shipped to so please let me know if you are serrious about getting one. You can just leave your country and email in the comments box and I'll contact you. Don't worry. I won't post anyone's emails or addresses ect. .

***I'll try to talk some of the Omani designers into letting me photograph the couture burqas from their collections (like the Al Aseel one I wore for my wedding) but they usually don't like that due to other tailor shops being to copy their designs then.


Maymunah said...

Salaamu alaikom,

Is it possible to buy/ship the regular metal (I think) burqas that look like bird masks? I am seriously, as long as it's not hugely expensive, which shipping can be in this part of the world.

Thanks :)

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Maymunah: They aren't expensive but if you are thinking of getting one, the ones here in the gold Emirati style are costume and not comfy to wear all the time the way the real ones are. which I can onyl really buy once a year from Bedouin women unless my husband drives me waaaaay into the desert. But I'll find out the shipping price for you.

I have a costume one I can give you if you want. It is a wide style on the nose bridqe though, not the thinner one. It is authenitcally stained with indigo but the backing is not fabric (which means you'd sweat too much if you really wore it beyond a few hours and them the indigo would run and stain your face ;) ).

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

& wa alaykom e salaam ramatullahi wa barakato

Modestly Me said...

Wow that first one is really pretty!

Husna A. said...

Salaam! Do you think you could give an address of exactly where you got these from? And also the traditional dresses? :)
My aunt is taking a trip to Muscat to shop for me, since I'm getting married but I'm all the way here in America :D thank youuu

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Husna: the dress stores usually tailor but there are some in Seeb Mall. Not designer but decent ready-wear.

The burqas are from a costume jewelry shop in Al Bajha mall. I don't know its name but it is easy to find in the mall just above the grocery store inside;)

Anonymous said...

I really want one! I'm from the UK xxx

HighOctane GrapeJuice said...


I just found this blog and I am lovin it!

Is the option to buy and send still open? I would like to wear a crystal burqa for my wedding but we dont get it where I am from (Kenya)

HighOctane GrapeJuice said...


I just found this blog and I am loving it!

Is the option to buy a crystal burqa and send still open. I would like to wear one for my wedding but they are not available where I am from (Kenya)

Anonymous said...


Love this post! I've been searching online for these everywhere!! please help me locate some. I'm from the UK.

Many Thanks


JRo said...


How can i purchase one? Im in the US

Miracle said...

I would like to purchase a few, could you provide additional to do so?