Monday, June 4, 2012

Designer Khaleeji Abayas: DAS 2012

Isn't this latte detailed abaya absolutely perfect for a career girl in Oman?
In case you are one of those living under a rock in terms of abaya fashions, DAS Collection by Emiratis Reem & Hind Beljafla. Their abayas lead the fashion pack in terms of trends and shapes.
LOVE this one!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I want one!
This season was no exception. The theme was everything grown-up and elegant with a lot or pearls and lace but nothing costumey or over-the-top.

The girls continue to lead the pack with the details this season.

Villa 16, Umm Al Shief Road
Jumeirah 3, P O Box 213933
Dubai, United Arab Emirates



My favourite abaya of the collection


Alice said...

I was browsing their website just yesterday, wishing I was rich enough to be their customer :-) Reem and Hind are amazing, they are definitely one of the best if not the best abaya designers. Love DAS!

Anonymous said...


I really like the one in the seventh picture. I'm not sure if this OPNO is Pixie or not but I was wondering if there's any chance you could get it made from a tailor for me. I remember you had a blog saying you could do this kind of thing but I'm not sure if ur still running that business??


Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Alice: I agree. Reem and Hind make the the trendiest abayas in cuts and they sacrifice ste when doing so unlike alot of local designers.

Anon: Wa alaikom, most abaya posts are Pixie. I don't think she's been running the Beautiful Muslimah Boutique in a while since she doesn't drive and going around to all the tailor shops is alot of work for what she charged. I know she usually only made 3-5 rials per abaya for all the hours she put in for the custom orders. But depending how much you'd offer to pay for such an abaya you could contact her through this blog's email to ask. It is OPNOprincess AT (use the proper @ symbol, I just do that to stop spam). Just address it to Pixie in the subject box.