Sunday, June 3, 2012

Brand New Arabic-European Inspired Furniture [Majlis, Bedroom, and Dining] for sale in Oman---by me

Greenish-Cream "Chelsea" Master-Bedroom Set
I've recently started a small business. I used to be an interior designer back in North America for a bunch of fashion stores for marketing campaigns and store launches. I was hunted down for an interview at Ralph Lauren so I was definately decent at what I do though you'd never guess it from the more rustic traditional Omani-style I favour now;). Anyways, I got the oppurtunity to get back into the house&home business recently, and I am starting however humbly with importing and selling some European-Influenced Arabic furniture.
Beige Floral "Heiress" Majlis Seating
Think Majlis/living room areas,...
Silver-toned "Town&Country" Master-bedroom set
"Empire" Dining Room Set
....and dining rooms for now.
"Milanese Floral" Master-Bedroom Set
"Venetian" Sofa Set for Majlis or Living Room
While I am not currently set up in shop format you can browse what I have on hand by joining my facebook page here!/pages/Product/245890328849767and looking under the pictures. They'll be categorized in albums. I am working to also keep categorized on that website courdinate accessories in Oman although I am limited on what I carry in stock.

I DO plan to start carrying my own line but that will take time.

I DO plan to keep prices low. On less heavy items I won't be making more than a few rials profit. On those items it takes the whole truck up for, for delivery, never more than 50 rials (which isn't discluding what I pay in import taxes and delivery fees for total lot of purchases). So while I'll be carrying from the same suppliers such as "Fahmy" and occasionally "Homesense" my prices will be lower.

Due to the influence of village Omanis in my life;) [love y'all] I will also be carrying items that aren't personally something I'd buy but I am told are such good deals that Omanis would love to have them in their homes:
"Dove-Grey" Leather Sofa Set my husband adores with black and gold wooden base
Most of the items are already just above cost so I am limited on what I can do in the way of discounts but I mean, if you are ordering a big majlis or bedroom set things like bookcases and end tables, coffee tables, and trays, I might be able to give an even lower sale price on them especially for you, my valued clientelle;).

Delivery will be free from Al Ain, Sohar, to Muscat area, and some areas of Dakhliyia depending. If you want your items assembled for you, there will be some kind of fee charged and it won't be done by my company exclusively depending on where you live.

"Mystique" curved sofa set for Majlis/Living Room
Please stay tuned. I will be updating the facebook with all stock during this week. Not many pictures yet but there will be soon!
Greenish-Gold Floral "Ladies" majlis setting [a set for a smaller room]
Cream and Forest Pine "Princessa" Master-Bedroom set
Boys Twin "Black & Gold On Espresso" Wood Bedroom set
I have alot experience with English and French classical interiors, and other design genres, so if you have any questions at all as to what and where to get the best at the best price, I will be available free of charge during the purchase process for consultations. And due to life in Oman, have had to learn how to make even bad furniture look good;) so also know those services will also be available through the facebook page for clients.


Rana Raza said...

Salam Sister! how much is the Yellow curve sofa?

x Rana x

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Rana Raza: That one, the "Mystique" is 450.000 Omani rials.