Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bonne Weekend Muscat from OPNO

OPNO's design tip for buying an insta-chic bed in Oman---when you buy a mattress buy the one that comes with the padded fabric frame. Take the mattress home and buy the comforter of your choice or duvet to go with it. Once that choice is made, find a courdinating fabric and take the padded frame down to one of those custom upholstery shops that do majlis furniture and custom curtains and voila! You have a modern young hip designer bed in Oman (limited as it is in the original choices for such).
 Whether you spend this weekend relaxing tucked away reading a good book in bed or the garden or in the shade of the seaside with perfectly pedicured feet tucked into irrestible white sand....
Don't you wish this was your backyard?---credit "A Nomad in the Land of Nizwa" aka
Or exploring all the sights, history and natural beauty of Oman, braving the sun. For who doesn't want to be an eternal sunshine girl?
Everyone who lives in Oman should invest in a food processor, even a small one, to enjoy the sweetness of life.
Take time to enjoy something as fresh as the daylight---my choice is a mango, banana, and pineapple breakfast smoothie.
DAS brand yellow draped front abaya
 Brave the heat in something just as striking.
Mango, coconut, and chickpea salad from Kurkum restaurant in Mutrah
 Or just stay around and lounge at home.
Whatever you decide to do, this is from the girls of OPNO, wishing you a happy and safe weekend. Khalas!;)

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