Friday, June 8, 2012

The Best Hotel in the Entire MiddleEast according to the OPNO girls?: Qasr Al Serab Resort by Anantara

Now, it isn't in Oman, and yes you have to go to horrible UAE (sorry UAE) to get there, but Anantara's "Qasr Al Sarab" desert resort [name maening "Palace of Mirages" is BY FAR, the best GCC MiddleEastern hotel there is. Period. Most five star luxury hotels and resorts could be the same across Europe and leave no lasting impression beyond standards of quality control. But this comfortable and thoroughly modern but thoroughly Arab hotel located in the Liwa desert, goes beyond typical expectations of Casbahs and the mirage of the desert oasis, after a trek through the stars and sands. We will let the pictures speak for themselves. Let's start with where you check in, the lobby:

The lobby lounge area:

The Royal Pavillion and the Majlis:
 The library:
Example of a conference room:
The spa:
 Just a few of the available dining Options:
 Not to mention desert excursions and camping (including a feast with the Bedouin).
 What will you catch the OPNO girls up to at Qasr al Serab beyond enjoying the "empty-quarter" desert and admiring the interior design by firm Hirsch Bedner & Associates
 [one of my all-time faves]? Archery of course {I'm not a spa girl} and maybe I'd try my hand at falconry even though I'd probably get bored:
And of course just chilling in the villa hotel suite that broke the bank;) private pool et all:
Most of the rooms offer garden, terrace, or pool veiws. I want it all, since this place is more than I usually spend on a hotel anyways:)
 More room options:
 Thinking of checking in? Pretty incredible eye-candy huh? I hope Anantara finishes the resort project they've scheduled for the shore of Oman even though there's a stall in the Blue City project. All of the OPNO girls, depsite our varying tastes, rank Qasr Al Serab as the best in the ME of the GCC.
 Check out the hotel website: Qasr Al Sarab by Anantara | qasralsarab.anantara.


♥Soso♥ said...

looks like a delight, wouldnt mind a stay there .. beautiful x

Crazy in Kuwait said...

Great blog, as an expat living in Kuwait I love to see how other females are living and I love Oman, I visited only once but it was great and plan to visit again Inshallah.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Soso: me too;)

Crazy in Kuwait: We love Oman too;) Kuwait has a nice corniche:) I've heard.

Gopal Yadav said...

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