Sunday, June 17, 2012

Arabic Sweets and Biscuits?: Zoara Bakery & Sweets in Zakher Mall

It is pretty much a "Shatti Girls' Set" kept secret (mainy because they don't consider Zakher Mall in Al Khuwair to be terribly fashionable like the rest of their usual haunts;p but this place was picked out to me by a group of Omani girls in the know as an awesome place to throw together a gift tray of biscuits and for awesome cheesecake. So during this Ramadan if you are invited into an Omani home, dear expats, a quick stop off here and the helpful bakers will help you pick out something perfect for your host/hostess. My BFFs from Muscat can't live without the chocolate and pistachio flavoured cheesecakes!
And my Omani husband is a lover of the pomegranite tart, Oum Ali, Basbousa, and Saffrom cheesecake. I didn't photograph the biscuits but the zatar one is my favourite.
And the coffee Arabic sweets look beyond pretty on a tray. For a girl who grew up in a place spoilt with bakeries, this shop does meet my standards.

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Anonymous said...

what is the name of the bakery?