Sunday, May 13, 2012

Khaleeji Designer Abayas: Effa

The latest collection from Effa has been out for a while but I guess I wasn't excited enough about it to post the pics in a rush. Top style above I can find in Mutrah Souq. I mean, I'd wear it, yes, but I won't save up for it.
The only design that DID something for me was this jade green number although it wasn't photographed to its most abaya-est advantage, one of my friends has an abaya like this and it can actually be worn very modestly and looks super chic. I think they just wanted to show off the lining.
 I'd wear this one as well but it would probably be a bit heavy (not the fabric but the design) so it is a more winter style for me.
 On this model, I like this one. Sienna Miller could wear it and look chic. And Stella Tennant. Not me. I'd look like a bad 80s throw back.
 I'm usually loving draping. This drapage just seems awkward and paunch-like.
 Decent, classic style that will last in the closest. Not exciting but nice enough.
 Not a fan, personally.
OMIGOSH. The only time I WOULD wear this is if I was going to a Star Trek or COMICON convention in UAE [because Boxie made me]. Because otherwise: WHO WANTS TO LOOK LIKE A HIJABI star on Battleship Gallactica?
Again, evil spacey villainness abaya. Not for me. Just because Malaak did a few rather "it" girl shoulder pad peices people, doesn't mean the look is easy to pull off.


Abayas from Dubai said...

This site is great. i visit here everyday.

Anonymous said...

I agree on some points, but you have it admit she is daring in her designs. I wish she just went simple with less flowing fabric.

B said...

I think her designs are effortless and beautiful. She projects modesty yet provacation in her designs. Love HER