Sunday, May 6, 2012

Art in Oman: Bait Muzna Gallery's Contemporary Art Exhibition for May

Do you know how often it is in Oman that you plan to do or see something and make a whole trip out of it and end up seeing something else entirely?
Tonight was like that for me.
BTW, Bait Zubair Museum, you should TOTALLY fire whoever was manning the desk when I phoned and asked what time you are open until. Because they told me 7 p.m. . And your sign and locked gate neatly informed that 6pm is the rule saturday-thursday. What else that hasn't been done in Old Muscat for an OPNO girl like me, hmmm?
As luck would have it, Bait Muzna Art Gallery was open directly across the street until 7 p.m. Who knows, maybe the girl at the Zubair Museum desk thought she worked here? Opening at 9:30 am until 7pm saturday-thursday . I'd always wanted to check this place out since I heard it was Said Princess Susan's [don't quote me] pet project to showcase and support Omani artists and highlight the major works of the Gulf Region, and the exhibition they'd just had on Arabic Calligraphy had been on my to-do list. Sadly, I missed that. Dutch painter Tonny also had a painting recently exhibited called 'Clouds over Ruins' I've admired from printed-pamphlet afar for its Bedouin subjects and finished quality.
 Bait Muzna used to be an actual Royal Residence and the open courtyard lay-out was converted into a throughly modern gallery without taking away from that, the space of the sky being filled in with a glass ceiling to protect the precious works displayed inside.
Current featured Omani artists include Abdul Majeed Kurooh (we really loved the brilliant colours of his Omani doors via mixed media on convas so much so that I wished I had a space to hang a more contemporary peice of the like),
Adnan Al Raisi (myself, I'm not much for abstract but I did enjoy the works entitled 'Short Story I&II' and 'after the cyclon' did make us contemplate whether or not we felt any charged emotions leftover from Gonu [didn't but then, we're not abstract people and I don't believe one should critique anything they don't understand and love],
...and Tahira Fida (not much on my part but I did like one of her doors and if I had a modern white bedroom to decorate perhaps one of ther jewelry mixed media works might interest me---husband liked the tiled mixed medias).
This exhibition runs until May 24th. For information about previous and upcoming exhibitions see here

The other works in the gallery ranged from realism, figuratives [the previous my general thing], sculpture,
photography [my husband wanted to buy one of these],
calligraphy, conceptual art, abstracts ect., to Omani/Arabian handicrafts, contemporary takes on the former, and what I saw was that works ranged from 80-6,000 OMR, with the average range being 150-300 OMR, so there were some very affordable pieces for those aiming to make purchases. Lookey-loos like us were welcomed just as warmly, so don't be shy to visit yourself.
tel: (968) 24 739 204
located directly across from Bait Zubair Museum in Old Muscat on the road from Muttrah to Sidab.


CatbirdinOman said...

I love the Bait Muzna Gallery, Princess! Thanks for sharing this latest exhibit, which I hope to visit before May 24. By the way, this is Cathy from Nomad in Nizwa, but I don't see any way to join your blog using my Wordpress account!! I wish there was more interaction between Blogger and Wordpress.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Cathy: I love your blog BTW, I just haven't updated the links on my blogroll in ages. I guess I should add follow by email? That's really the only connection wordpress and blogger have sadly.

You should request to be invited to their opening exhibitions by email (Bait Muzna) if you're a regular btw, at the front desk. Or you could ask Monique El-Helou, the art director, to add you to he rinvite list by email : moniquehelou @ baitmuznagallery. com [no spaces---I added them so inshaallah she doesn't get spammed].

Anonymous said...

Dear Princesses,

Very nice post and very nice paintings. Could you kindly advise me where we can buy painting materials in Muscat ??

Thanks a lot :)