Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Swimming Pool Drownings in Muscat

I know that nobody is likely to be thinking about building a pool in their yard tonight, what with the rain and lightening and all, but as I am one of those persons who has been discussing the possibility of a pool with her husband when we get around to constructing our villa, the thought of all the drownings I have known to happen in Oman occured to me.

Now I will for sure teach my children to swim. I can swim. But my husband's sisters can't. And so, their children mostly cannot. And Omanis love water. So there is a good chance if they were left to run around the yard someone would fall in and we'd have tragedy on our hands because I KNOW how well people in the village watch after their children.

As Suburban blogged a long time ago, alot of drownings happen in Muscat, even in hotel pools. Lifeguards aren't common here. You have to watch your children. I mean, every minute or so at least your eyes HAVE to be on them around a pool. And if you own a pool and know people won't be watching their children around your pool you are responsible for limiting their access to it.

It was almost too much responsibility for me, so I almost nixed the pool idea altogether but if the nets pictured below really work and are easy to put on (and with LOCKS for MY neices and nephews) then maybe. I want one for myself really bad. But can't imagine the horror of finding a child floating upside down in there, ever.


♥hind♥ said...


Its the best to buy some kind of protection. When I was around two years old my parents took me on holidays. My aunt had a huge pool and I watched my cousins swim and spring from the side of the pool inside the water. I can barely barely remember how my father took me out of the water severeal times.
At a time I just dissapeared and my father found me layimg on the ground of the pool my mouth pressed together and eyes wide open. Alhamdoulillah for my great instincts...
Be very carefully with children and pools.

Oman Deals said...

Its very ironic to find out that most of the Omani that i've met don't really know how to swim. One would think that most Omani swims, as Oman is surround by Sea. Swimming is a important survival skill, all schools should implement this into students' curriculum.

Learning CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) could save lives in times of emergency like this. I hope all parents who has their own private pool should learn this life saving skill.

Anonymous said...

We have a fence around our pool, with a gate that stays locked, so the children can play outside without worry.If they are swimming, there is always an adult in the pool or watching.

Erica said...

Hi there yes pools can be scary but do they not use life jackets for children playing around pools?

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Hind: Wa alaykom e salaam. Wow, so scary.

Omani Deals: I know alot of Omani guys on the coast can swim or any that grew up around a Falaj. But most women and younger children can't. And if they can, not well.

No one I know not a med student physical education knows CPR among the Omanis I socialize with sadly.

Anon: good for you. I don't like the visual design concept of a fence around a pool but around where I live it makes sense.

Erica: People don't put seatbelts on their children or have carseats for babies in cars. So lifejackets is a rarety.

Anonymous said...

Ive been in Saudi 3 years and have heard of at 3 drownings to various degrees