Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some very affordable hotels in Muscat Oman reviewed by OPNO

If you don't really count on spending alot of time in your hotel room while you are out and about in Muscat but still want all of the basic comfort+cleanliness thrown into the price of the place, these are two hotels my friends of some taste have stayed at who were looking for something more discount. NOTE, I DID NOT INCLUDE THE ONES that are just as cheap, but smelled like sewage and/or if you are a girl checking in there, feel sleezy like you're at a no-tell motel.

The hotels don't seem to have easy to find webpages but you can take my word on it, they are decent. I promise to try to get photos the next time I have guests visiting.
OPTION #1 in and around central Muscat and alot of great restaurants

Location: Al Khuwair

Prices: from 25-55 OMR per night (do barter and ask shamelessly for discounts---I got the room down to 14 for a friend;) who didn't need a working TV).

Contact: +968 24473900

Copied and Pasted from their website:*services include: 24 hours Reception and House Keeping,Wifi Internet Service, Satellite Channels, Doctor on call, Credit card Facilities, Car Rental, Direct Dialing facilities, Off Street Parking, Laundry services, and other International standard services *For booking : Central Reservation- Tel : +968 24602355 / Fax : +968 24693631 / Gsm :+968 97307445 For Enquires : Tel : +968 24693609 / Fax : +968 24693631 Gsm : +968 97307475
Address: Al Kuleiah Street, P.O.Box 121, P C 115 Al Khuwair, Muscat Sultanate Of Oman Tel :+968 2447 8171 Fax : 2448 9060OPTION #2 close to the airport and Seeb City Center Mall

Location: Al Khoud

Name: Gulf Crown Hotel Apartments

Prices: from 25-45 OMR per night (again ask for discounts---my friends' rooms were supposed to be 35 and they got them for 25)

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Phone: +968 2453636

Funny quote from the Al Hail hotel (don't check in there please unless you like noise, sleeze, and and the smell of sewage):

MOP to OPNO: "Why didn't you come in with us?"

OPNO: "I'm nine months pregnant. I didn't want to get up."

Aalia (of chasing jannah blog) with her girl S: "Everyone looked at us straaaaaaaaange."

MOP: "It looks like the place Omani guys bring their girlfriends." Helplessly"...But you asked for the cheapest I knew of."

Aalia: "So they thought......? Ewwwwwwwwww!"

Yeah, and that wasn't the worst of the Al Hail that there is to tell. I'd say, stay tuned, but I DON'T want to get into it. Think poop. That about sums it up.


Sythe said...

Great post, people googling for information like this will find it super-useful :)

Tania Mary Thomas said...

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Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Sythe: Thanks for reading. I thought so, since most people I know these days can't afford a week long splurge at one of our more famous hotels.;)

Tanya: Lovely brilliant comment, but isn't a muscat based hotel---so it didn't fit this posts' content so I saved it for another post inshaAllah if you don't mind:)

Boxie said...

what about the one we stayed at that was nice, and out in the middle of what felt like nothing. Though had that weird um group come in.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Boxie: That was wadi al kabir. A bit too much traffic for me to like enough to list it. It was also a bit more pricey. But super nice until... the "group" of Omani guys "treating" their prostitute (Omani girl BTW---happens) for a brief stay "checked" in lol. What a weird couple of days THAT was.

NouraAlk said...

Addition for you :) We stayed in Muscat 2 nights ago, and wanted a beachfront locale so we ended up in Shatti al Qurm. Down the street from the Crowne AND the Intercon (pricey those) is a place called just The Beach Hotel and it was lovely. Comfy rooms, full bathrooms with amazing showers, a pool that is pretty hidden from public view, and roomservice :) We were super close to everything, and while its not UBER cheap, it was only 40 OR for the night including everything. I recommend it! :)

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