Monday, April 9, 2012

Seefa- the Sifawy Boutique Hotel: my review

I, an old OPNO authoress (now retired) recently came back for a short stint visit of my sunny Sultanate. [ONLY ONE PHOTO ON THIS ENTIRE POST IS MY OWN---Guess which one hmmmm????]. I booked at the Sifawy Hotel in Seefa---which is about a 50 minute drive out of Qurum-side Muscat. I'd always gone to the beach here in the days before the hotel was even a dream on paper, and to the nearby marina with my wasta-less Omani friends who delighted in giving "evil-eye" to all the yachts and shiny-new boats bobbing there under the moonlight.Even though I am desperately saddened by the diminishing public beaches on Omani shorelines for the sake of Omanis themselves [think Qantab], I really like the Sifawy Hotel. It is just my style. I'm all on the turquoise and ocean-glass green of the room that I booked. Rooms start around 66 rials but mine was a little more than that;). Service of friendly Omani staff (from Seefah) made up for that. It is unique to me, to find Omanis doing the hotel thing beyond Omanised positions... And being good at it! :D. But then, I'm one of the Expats who likes even the most useless Omani more than the bored expat wives who sit around giving advice about handling maids all day, bragging about THEIR MQ house (company supplied) and Prado (company-loan) and what embassy party they last were seen at----yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.While I was there I ate mainly in the Al Sabla restaurant beyond driving back to Yiti to have a fishing expedition and barbecue with some old local friends. I really liked the modern black and white arabesque decor with touches of purple. A great review of the restaurant can be found here with menu options and pricing. Since I'm a picky eater with profoundly strange tastes in food and always order the same thing once I like it, I'm not a good food critic. I CAN however, comment on the pricing---all in all I found the food super affordable compared to what's available up at Barr al Jissah and Al Bustan, and quite good too. I also liked the cocktails served at "The Breeze Bar". For 'Princess', our editor whose religious beliefs I'll respect enough to not list off my favourites to, I can just say, they were fresh and suited the setting. I never ventured out to the other restaurant "As Samaak" but I read a very honest review here: To visit the hotel: their website or call (968)-2472-9111. Photos courtesy of moi,, and the hotel's website.


♥ααℓiα♥ said...

O0o0ooooo I think I know where I wanna go for my Eid-Zawaj!! (Wedding anniversary) thnx much for the awesome review :-D

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