Tuesday, April 10, 2012

OPNO reveiws: The Platinum Hotel in Al Khuwair, Sultanate of Oman

LOL@ CG OPNO for her comment about cocktails and my religiousity on the Sifaway Hotel review, here is my counter review of the Platinum Hotel in Al Khuwair, Central Muscat, Oman. I remember when I saw the Platinum under construction and hoped fervently it would be a new set of apartment flats for rent there. No such luck. But I can more likely afford to stay here on a one night basis than I could to rent a flat in such a building! :)The Platinum is a reltively new hotel in Al Khuwair made of pink Jodphur Indian marble, and finished in the Moghul style with a touch of an Arabic influence. As you can tell from the the photos of the lobby below, it has a misleading old world charm to it, belying its age.I checked in here one night after I had happened to lock myself out of my flat really late. Rooms range on average from 56-89.000 Omani rials, BUT, they do barter depending on hotel occupency on the rates. My room was 45.000! Impressive.TIP: The staff will let one who knows a little piano, play the custom grand piano, the only one of its kind thus far in a public place in Oman. So if you are musically inclined... ;) This was my exact room. I found it TOTALLY spacious and comfortable and it had all the ammenities I needed included... a fully stocked NON-ALCOHOLIC bar. This hotel chose not to go the liquor license path most hotels feel they need to go to attract tourists in the Middle East. And I totally respect them for that and as a Muslim want to support them;). And this was my bathroom:My friends who have all checked in here opted for the more luxey room pictured below which has a huge marble bath and living area en suite.Since I only spent the night I only had breakfast [which was decently good in a continental way]. I ate in the dining area pictured here below:Since I only ate the breakfast which came with the price of my room I shouldn't review the dining options but Andy did a great review of the dining options here:
http://andyinoman.com/2011/10/27/dining-at-the-platinum-in-al-khuwair/The hotel also has a great rooftop swimming pool and gym for guests, and free parking.Photos courtesy of www.andyinoman.com & the Platinum's own website.

If you are interested in checking in, check out their website
http://www.theplatinumoman.com/ or call
(968) 2439 2500


Butterfly Chick said...

I wanna visit Oman so bad :(!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention. The Platinum is a lovely hotel. Totally agree! I hope to stay overnight someday. The rooms (which I never got a chance to see) look fabulous!

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Butterfly Chick: If you come to Oman we should meet up. I have never met any Baharaini or Qatari women in my life on a one-on-one basis lol and want to even out the things Omanis and Saudis have told me;)

Anon (I think Andy): For 45 rials it was the nicest room in Oman for the price. I stayed in Mutrah for less, hehehe, but my room had no lights or water;).

Boxie said...

You forgot no tv also haha. The lights got fixed at some point.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Boxie: Yeah. The tv and lights got us the discount. The water made them fix everything else. Except the tv.