Friday, April 6, 2012

New Profile Icon for the Blog

I'm home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And all I can say without revealing too much is, Oman.... how I loathe thy Ministries. You tell me I can do something. Then another day you tell me I can't after I've already done it. You say I have a meeting. You change it five times and then I don't hear from you again. I swear you hate me. You agree, that you do. I am not Omani afterall. My passport application process doesn't phase you at all. I did what you told me to do, but the mistake is mine. Ahhhhhhhh.

C'est la vie.

I changed our profile icon again. I think it is a whole lot cuter and sums up the major "current" contributers to the blog nicely. Sorry to LB. (I stole the graphics off of her facebook 'It Girl' album). Goes better with the new (now old) blogger header, which in case you didn't notice, is a runway pic of Omani traditional dress photoshopped on Windows "paint" program with a shot of the Chedi hotel. I am just that creative. And sadly lacking photoshop or correl of any kind.

And I started this blog on a Mac that is now a million gazillion miles away so go figure.

It is 2 a/m. I don't have much credit left on this net stick. LB, I got your texts and will email you when I can. {sadly, I am also out of phone credit}.

For anyone else dealing with the "inshaAllah mindset" wasta beset or wasta bereft, remember, you could always be living somewhere cold, windy, and endlessly bleak and rainy with no history at all. A thought that gets me through the airport lineup to return to my beloved Oman.


Boxie said...

Inshallah all is well and good to know you are back and safe.

New Wife said...

alhamdulillah 3la as-salamah, glad you got home!