Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Own Photos: This Morning's Qahwa & Daily Diary Storm Updates

Well, the storm is over for now, the sun is out bright and shining, but gosh did we EVER need coffee this morning since we didn't sleep all night from the storm [because SOME LITTLE ONE was afraid of the thunder and wind]. Above pictured pouring the freshly brewed qahwa (coffee) straight from the ibreeq (long handled coffee pot) into the finjan (porcelain coffee cup). Technically for guests the coffee should be poured from the ibreeq into the dala (Arabic coffee service pot) but S and I know eachother TOO well for any of that extra stuff).Above pictured, a morning's coffee service. Absent from the formal qahwa service is the bowl of water for guests to wash their hands with, the plate for date pits (not required if Pixie is the one serving the dates), and knife for slicing the fruit (absent because of the little one rolling around). I was stuck in Barka overnight because of the wadis both Sohar way and Al Khoudh towards Muscat. Sadly it seems a family near Wadi Abyad drowned playing in the wadi last night, and alot of Barka folks got stuck trying to cross the flowings wadis back to Seeb. Friends and family in Rustaq though had a WAAAY worse time. It may be a week until they can cross over their raging wadi. Dhofari Gucci posted the formal report thus far from the ROP on the outcomes of last night's wild weather here: likes pitting the dates and stuffing them with almonds. Also rolling them in sesame seeds makes them look super pretty! If you are in Muscat, how did you and your family fare the storm? We are doing alright, alhamdulilah.


Boxie said...

Nice I will have to try that with the dates. Though I'm lazy most of the time and don't pit or get them pre pitted.

Noor said...

What a lovely breakfast mashAllah. I love Arabic coffee but here in Saudi the Saudis have coffee different, its green and called Saudi coffee have you had it?

I love both but my dh hates coffee. Yes I have the only Saudi in the world that does not like coffee lol but he loves his habek or nana chai.

I also LOVE dates in sesame seeds like you and your friend :)

I have to admit I love my American breakfast so much :)

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Boxie: I find the dates too sweet without the almond even with the qahwa. Especially these kind, 'Fard'.

Noor: We had American breakfast too. wouldn't have pictured as nice though.

I LOVE the green qahwa from KSA. Do you know how to make it?

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis. My ex-husband used to put a curl of unsalted butter in the date. It was unbelievable delicious and now I want some. :-) I'll try rolling it in the sesame seeds, though; super pretty. :-)

Mai said...

I think that the dried dates are a little to sweet for me too, but the fresh ones right from the tree are my favorite. just the very tip has started to ripen (turn brown) Bright red and very yummy.