Friday, April 6, 2012

My Own Photos: My Least Favourite Tourist Attraction in Muscat

My least favourite tourist attraction in Oman is Al Alam palace. I think it is UUUUUGGGGLY on the outside, and since you don't really get to see the inside as part of the whole tourism package, who cares if that at all redeems it.

I know, I know. It was built eons ago in terms of Oman's evolution of Architectural taste. Grande Mosque, Opera House, et all.

But it looks like an Olympic sized swimming pool back way back where, where I'm from. Google swimming pools and if you find one that looks like Al Alam palace in Old Muscat, and you've got my address of origin down.

Omanis I know are always taking my visiting friends here. My friends are more interested in trying the Sushi at Japengo in Shatti, than photographing this landmark. Nakhl fort had a totally different effect.

I get, Oman is a Sultanate. It is one of only two places in the world ruled by a Sultan left anymore (for your information, the other is Brunei). So people wanna see the Sultan's digs, but he has alot waaaaaaaaay nicer aesthetically pleasing residences than this one. Like the one near Adam. And I want to see them.

Not this disapointing place.


That said, MOP is another Omani that likes to take people here. Myself included. I guess it is another Muscat must, get disapointed by the gaudy inverted pillars of Al Alam palace through its gate (though the emblem on the gate itself makes a great pic).

So I enjoy the newer, lovely, more Arabesque inspired architecture surrounding as we attempted to stroll down from the Palace to Jalaaani fort (prison). Which is a walk MOP did as a child, or so he believes he remembers he did...

I liked the lanterns.

This is as far as we got until a guard (armed but so polite) informed us that we'd gone a little farther than is liked, and if MOP ever did go to Jalaani via the palace, one can no longer do so this way. I took one last photo.

Take that polite guard.

I didn't walk all this way to the gate (which you watched us do without saying, hey, don't bother, you're not allowed there) to leave without a shot of it on my mobile.

That is Al Alam palace, by this OPNO, reviewed.

And a reminder:


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