Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's THAT Time Again---Moving in Muscat

It's that time again--- moving in Muscat. Now to find the impossible at a reasonable price... Room for my daughter. An existing and practically designed kitchen or room enough for me to install one myself.

And a practically designed bathroom. Or room for me to fix one myself. IS A BATH TOO MUCH TO ASK!!!!?

I DO love my existing home's inner courtyard. I love the space and freedom I have here. I love that I pay only 120 rials for a FULL SIZE house. But...

...It is just too far out from Muscat. And the crappy doors let dust, lizards and beetles in. And my kitchen sink used to break ALL the time until MOP fixed it. And because of the shotty wiring, the power goes out on a regular basis... Which is, really, really a hassle in the summer.

No air conditioners. No fans. No ice in the freezer.

So we decided to move.

I had just found from the property agent, what sounded like the MOST perfect suite ever: Huge size, kitchen sink so a kitchenette would be easy to install, new bathroom, quality finishings on the walls and ceilings...

Adjacent right to Al Bajha (and only 80 RIALS---expats like me NEVER find these deals alone---thanks to MOP's arabic and connections lol we seem to make due on less than most).

But, alas.

Turns out the "kitchen sink" was an extra bathroom sink IN the bathroom, and it happened to be the flat with roof access so anytime any of the residents wanted to fix their sattelites they'd be knocking on the door.

Thanks for the fair and honest warning;)

So that one is a NO.

Still searching...


Boxie said...

Good luck on your search.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Mai: I would love to know. Just leave it in the box and I won't post the number;)