Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Theives Souq-Souq Al Harremiyia fi Oman

Today I finally witnessed for myself Souq Al Harremiyia in Oman---translation, the theives souq. And to be honest... it was quite boring. Nothing at all like the ones in Jordan or Cairo, that's to be certain.

I had heard of the theives souq for a long while and visions of luxury white sedans and sporty 4x4s pinched off of PDO lawns long ago abandoned to ROP negligence danced in my head, along with images of gold stolen from Omani villas by heroine addicts pawned off to be made a profit of.

What Souq Al Harremiyia in Oman is, is actually a whole lot more halal. (Halal means, not sinful). It is where people come to sell or buy used vehicles by owner. I guess they call it the theives souq, because as likely as you are to get a bargain, you might get ripped off.

Note: Omani & Indian women totally don't come here at all, so if you are an abaya wearing woman expect to get hit on or stared down, and if you're a brave non-muslim gal, be prepared for the gawks and stares. Arabic is kind of a must but maybe some folks speak English I don't know.

I'll get the location on google maps and add it for ya'll soon inshaAllah.

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