Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Few Quick Fixes for a friend's old-now but then-new home just outside of Muscat

Okay, so these are really old pictures, so this should be a really old post, but I am planning a DIY furniture makeover soon involving this house, and wanted to inspire myself, plus tell you all how I helped one of my friends quickly cover up the things she hated most about her (then) new house. Nothing is better than moving into a new home. Unless you were forced to move there, or had to move, and didn't really get a choice in what went into your home. Maybe you had the world's smallest budget like my friend, or you weren't allowed to paint or change things around too much. And also, you had NOOOOOOOOO tools whatsoever to aid you in the process, like in our case.Well when my friend moved into her new house the thing she hated most (in a long list of hates) was the ugly glaringly bright flourescent light above her bed and the holes in the wall and the fact that the bed had nowhere else to go as we had to make room for her massive wardrobe.

And we weren't allowed to paint.

She was used to a four-poster bed and wanted something of a statement but with zero budget to get a new bedframe or headboard, so we went to the Rameez store in Seeb and picked up 3 two rial (each) mirrors and hung them in the holes to act like a headboard, and hung an existing mosquitoe net from the ceiling behind them to canopy the bed and block out some of the glare of the horrible lighting. It worked. She then had time to save for new bedding and some side tables and to make a headboard.

The thing she hated the most next was the awful pink tiling with matching toilet and sink in her powder room, along with a cheap plastic vanity cupboard mirror. I didn't take a "BEFORE" picture. You're lucky. It was THAT ugly.
We made the best of the pink by trashing the old mirror/cupboard thing and investing in some quality white and silver accessories. The Moroccan style mirror and Persian-patterned soap dish off-set the overwhelmingly pink room. A shelf still should have gone over the sink and under the mirror but we were sans drill so it is what is pictured.

Pretty good for a budget of 15 rials and NO tools. I think I can handle that ugly furniture now. There is a chance it might become something less ugly than as stands.


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