Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Design for a Room at the Chedi, in Muscat

Who of us, who reside in Oman, fail to have love for the Chedi, Muscat hotel? If it isn't for the endless infinity pool, minimal but locally inspired interiors [like the lobby's resemblance to our country's ancient Mosques of import in those arches], or the depth of the bath tub in the individual rooms [a depth I can swim in]. While I personally desire a little more colour than white [afterall, traditional architecture is brown or beige not white] I love the layout of the rooms, even though I am no minimalist.

The height of the room is beautifully composed to be inviting in a relaxing way.I love the shelving flanking the seating for the entertainment section of the bedroom [sorry I don't have a picture of the bed---the living area of the rooms in what I like best], how it becomes an architectural feature rather thanI want to do something similiar with the tv in my home. Either that or I have to hide it. And wouldn't you like to wake up to this veiw:?

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