Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Technology Craze Sweeping Omanis: what's up

As we know well, Omantel's prices are scary for the services provided. But a new internet craze of downloadable chat to replace skype has emerged among Omani's I know---and Omantel has promised not to block it this type.

What is it, you might wonder? Well, I don't have the link because I am a fan of ancient antique cellphones, but it is called "What's Up". Most workers in the cellphone service providers locations know what it is and can help you download it if you are as incompetent around technology as I am. For 3 Omani rials a month you can have unlimited texting anywhere in the world, and the format is much like MSN chat so it isn't too difficult to grasp. This is with Omantel. Some people say Nawras costs most but that hasn't been confirmed.

The one thing that has been?

Net sure has been alot slower since the rise in popularity of "what's up" and I am getting annoyed at friends and family obssessed with their "what's up" services. It was hard to disconnect them from their mobiles before but now it is almost hopeless.

Feel free to leave instructions or the link to the service in the comments box, dear readers.


bkcgenie said... The service is free for a year following which you have to pay a small one time fee to use it. Much like BBM. Ability to download on a host of devices.

BintElOud said...

Is it What's Up or What's App? I'm confused :P

Anonymous said...

Its called What's App on my iPhone..?

Anonymous said...

yes, I was able to access the Wahtsapp on my smartfone whilst in Oman on holiday last year - you can download the trial version, it works well.