Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Arabesque Abayas Launches Its "Lace" collection

I guess Judith launched her "lace" collection for Arabesque abayas aways back and I seemed to have forgotten about it.

Everyone knows french lace is what Arabesque abayas are all about, and the lace in the collection is probably lovely.

I just saw the collection and was disapointed a bit though, in the lack of creativity in the cut of the abayas. I know Arabesque is one of those labels that aims at "classic" which is why I love it, but I don't know. I was a little disapointed, beyond the beautiful burqa pictured above, and the first no. design on the website for the lace collection. The rest just... I don't know.

Which is a first for me and Arabesque. Usually something just stands out at me and says "you could be wearing me" and this time, there was just.... silence.

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