Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Adopt a Cat from Al Qurum Vet Clinic, brought to you by Khaleejikat

So there is the new blog about Al Qurum vet clinic in Muscat - where they have loads of kittens needing homes.

Anyone in Oman- please if you want a pet think about adopting a stray rather than going to one of those awful petshops.

To learn more visit

This usally doesn't apply to all the expats the OPNO girls know who have a cat or two from al qurum, plus one that followed them home from Mutrah ect, lol, but I am BEYOND tired of Omanis I know telling me cats brought in from the street are dirty, and that's why they go to those pet stores that import animals under the worst conditions, keeping them locked up without food. Many die before you see them reach the pet stores.

Did you know, that there was a woman in the Prophet Mohamed's time, who kept a cat locked up and did not feed it, and it died? The Prophet Mohammed [S.A.W] informed the Muslims that she would go to hell for her cruelty to that animal. If there are any God-fearing Muslim Omanis out there hoping to adopt a cat as a pet, why would you risk supporting a way of treating animals that your Prophet cursed so harshly?

Contrary to popular belief, street cats are not unclean. That is, if they are given a bath and injections/medecines to treat them. Al Qurum clinic does all this for you before you adopt your new pet. And you know what? Rescued cats are much more affectionate in my experiences. They appreciate kindness and a nice home :)


Aliyah said...

amazing article. im such a big fan of cats and i totaly agree with u when u say that rescued cats are more affectionate. i have one like that, took it extremely dirty from someone who was only keeping the cat to torture it and rite now my cat is soo fluffy and so loving. plus, 1 thing some people dont know is that cats have the ability of removing the negative energy from the people around them.

KhaleejiKat said...

Hello and 'asalaam aleykum and first of all I want to say a HUGE SHUKRAN to you for putting this on your blog. Really, alf shukran!
I knew of the clinic for a long time but my first experience of it was taking in a stray kitten from outside my building who was not doing well at all. Unfortunately the poor little thing died but the clinic did as much as they could and at least she was cared for in his final moments.
I also completely agree with this misconception about stray cats being unclean and people going to pet stores instead (particularly that awful one in CCC complex where they are locked up in a box so anyone walking/driving by can stare in a them) - with stray cats that have been taken to the clinic you know the cat has been neutered and vaccinated and had an overall health check. For those considering a cat they should also keep in mind that the pet stores that sell these pedigrees (mostly Persian cats) are funding a CRUEL TRADE - these animals that end up in the pet shop are the few that have survived the transportation and horrific conditions they have been in prior to looking pretty in a shop window. Also pedigree cats tend to have far more ailments and problems that strays - pedigrees are often inter-bred with brother and sister - it does not take someone with a degree in genetics to work out this is harmful. Pedigrees have often had generations of inbreeding and as a result are often sickly and need extra care which when people get fed-up they can not be bothered providing. Stray cats tend to be far more robust - and as one of the vets said to me most of the strays in the clinic are variants on the Arabian Mau - a highly prized breed in the West -it is just this lot have had a chance to have a wide gene pool due to living on the streets or wild.
I have been in the clinic and the kittens are lively, healthy and looking for lots of love and care.
At the moment I am trying to import one to my family in the UK and also to try and put some posters in our local vet clinic in the UK to get people to adopt - so keep this in mind - these cats are NOT unclean and there is nothing wrong with taking on a stray.
A final word - if you are considering a cat please remember it is commitment. You are responsible for feeding it, caring for it - that means ensuring its vaccinations are up to date, and providing it with love and attention. Unlike dogs, cats do not need attention 24/7 and are relatively easy to look after, but they DO still need affection - they are sociable and are loyal (despite what some people say). If you get a cat you can not decide after a year or so that you are bored and put it out - the cat will rely on your for food and also for being cared for.
As the article reminds us Prophet Muhammed )pbuh) loved cats - he is our best example - and a cat is God's creation too - they are living animals - so treat them with kindness. They are NOT a toy to be discarded once we are bored. My own cat only died a few months ago - he was 18 years old - so think about the age they can live until and if you are prepared to care for them.
I absolutely urge anyone who really wants a cat to go to Al Qurum clinic and look around and adopt one from there - it is a good thing to do.
If any of you want more info then contact Muscat Vets on 14562263. If you are outside Oman you can call or you could email them on or you can contact me through my blog - I have had cats for years and I can attempt to answer any questions you may have about keeping cats.
Again, thank you so much for drawing attention to this on your blog.
Kind regards
Kat (yes, that is my name!)

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Aliyah: Oh Alhamdulilah! the cat is with you now and safe. That's so horrible what happened to it before:(

Kat: No problem, and wow, I didn't know they came from Maus. Maus are soooooooo expensive. But that does explain Omani cats very loyal and protective-of-their-owner traits:)

Heena said...

Hi there.. i was just searching for any places in muscat that helped for adoption of stray animals and came across you're blog. I found the part about prophet mohammad loving cats very interesting. Without meaning to show any disrespect to Islam , I would like to ask you if you knew the reason behind dogs being so hated by Omani nationals ? I'm a non-Muslim and just trying to understand the reason behind it. Since I have witnessed many Omanis treating stray dogs cruelly whereas they don't really mind stray cats. And is there any connection to this with the inhumane killings of street dogs by the municipality? It's just a thought..again I mean no disrespect to anyone.Thanks.