Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Designer Abayas: the latest collection from Arabesque

I have never made a secret of my love and devotion to the Arabesque brand of abayas. I will even venture to Abu Dhabi (which I have no great love or affection for) to go to the Abu Dhabi mall [when I can afford to splurge] for Judith's timelessly beautiful and chic creations. [The only other thing worth seeing in that mall is Abu Haleeqa, which I have a soft spot for because they make shaylas embroidered with stawberries and kiwis, and had pretty awesome traditional Emirati wedding thobes last time I was in]. This year though, the collection reminds me more of New York chic than Parisian glamour. Nothing wrong with that of course. The two images below this post? Very Narcisco Rodriguez, like a sleek and sporty evening gown. Of course, the abayas featured towards the end of the post, feature Arabesque-brand-iconic french lace, which you have to touch in person to appreciate the quality of it. But my fave pic of the season? The first abaya featured above. It is the Prada suit of abayas. That would suit many a boardroom business meeting in Muscat for me.

The perfect bedroom design for my Omani husband

Discussing married life with another woman like myself belonging to an ultra-secret [not really] online club for women married to men from the GCC, we noted our husbands' preferences for sleeping on the floor. This bedroom pictured above, were the bed ON the floor, would suit my husband 100%. Omanis who grew up in a traditional home did not grow up with excess furniture. My husband said mats on the floor were the order of the day. He agrees to my love of mosquitoe netting out of a hate for mosquitoes and flies. The wood beams above and lanterns would remind him of his 400 year old childhood home. The room would also charm me. Tradition CAN sometimes win out in the name of simplicity if the room is as architecturally stunning as this room in the Dubai XVA hotel. Funny thing is, even the most traditionally spartan male would allow a flat screen tv to be placed in this room. Shame. I'd have to hide it somehow in a wardrobe to be sure.

Just Relaxing in my Oman after the Eid

Life changed dramatically for me this Eid al Adha. I had a baby. That was my Eid. No prayer, no mishakeek, no shua. Litterally, the "having" of the baby took up the Eid.

Before this, I was too busy to blog, because, a. I was too preggo to walk very far so my wild adventures were limited to driving to such exotic places such as Seeb City center, although I did manage to shop but contractions made me fear I was going to have my daughter in the Zara. Which would have been something for those fellas sitting outside the Costa I imagine. And B. I had guests almost consistantly, which I hosted oh so shamefully, being unable to take them anywhere nice and worth seeing in Oman beyond the Mutrah Corniche souq, and city center, and before that, others from the U.K.

The rain made my roof leak in the guest room on their luggage and beds, and moving furniture at midnight was quite an adventure. Thank you to you honourary OPNOs for your patience, and driving me & MOP through a flood one night;). I apologise yet again that Nawras failed to set up your blackberry BBM right and yet charged you, that you didn't get to see the interior because I insisted on staying close to a certain hospital in the capital out of righteous fear of Bahla hospital [no offense to anyone decent who actually works there]. I am sorry you didn't get Athaiba mishakeek, OR village mishakeek, that you had to stay a night in a hook-up hotel before we found a better one, and that you were part of a street fight between Baluchis and Omanis in Mutrah [THOUGH THAT IS WEIRD, and not at all common I assure you. Just your luck;)]. I hope you enjoyed Oman, and thank you for spoiling my little Omani Princess [who really IS Omani].

All other readers, I feel really bad for not posting alot, but all OPNO girls are busy with projects, and me, the editor, is really, really tired, getting used to a new baby, and organizing the day around her. Hope you don't mind if my posting is a little more sporadic over the next month. I'll try until then, to find you some beautiful images inshaAllah.