Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wheelchair Accessibility in Seeb City Center Mall: something I just noticed???

NOTE: Thank you commentator #1. Apparently there ARE elevators. I just didn't see them nor did any of my friends. I also did not see signs. Maybe we are very clueless, who knows?

POST: Now this is something I had never noticed before. You know the new stores all up in Seeb City Center mall? Marks and Spencer, Toy R US, Noodle House, Chilis? Well, until I had a friend visiting with her baby (and thus a stroller), I had never noticed before that there is NO way down from that floor except by one narrow escalator. Not safe with a stroller. 100% impossible on one's own with a wheelchair. Same goes for the other side with the Homesense and E Max or whatever it is called. Now the Homesense side, they definately need to install something new like an elevator ect, to deal with that, but the funny thing about the other side? They have 3 up options, one escatlator, and two escatlator ramps. All they need to do to make the area more accessible is make one of the ramps a DOWN option.


ElSayed said...

Um... I'm not sure how well you looked, but there are actually lifts between both floors. On the floor between Zara and Toys-r-us there is a lift right next to Marks & Spencer, while on the part between Home Centre and Where GBK is there is a lift just by the Bank Muscat. They are well sign posted - I know because I have used them before - and very large! There are also the flat escalators by Noodle House that go between the floors, but I believe they are mainly for trolleys rather than wheelchairs.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

ElSayed: Thank you:)