Thursday, December 8, 2011

More About Having a New Baby in Oman


When you have a baby in Oman, and you have Omani inlaws, you must be prepared to be hot when visiting, as your baby is always and will always be "bard" [arabic for cold, not a playwright] and people will inevitably turn all the acs off.

The baby will be "bard" even IF it is wearing a fleece onesie body suit, mitts, a wool hat, and insulated bootsies.... and then on top off that is wrapped so that it cannot move its arms in a giant blanket. And it is scorching outside. The baby still will be "bard" even if it is sweating and crying and all red because the baby is insanely hot in all those layers and the giant blanket and hates its itchy wool hat that would be fine if one lived in the Arctic, but not Oman.

I have learned that the baby is always "bard" .

My baby is rebelling. She is anti-hat, anti-blanket. She remains, sadly, helpless against the "off" button on the ac remote.


Mimisha said...

I could have written that post :)
My son was born in cairo while we had 42C. Still everyone told me its too cold. And my baby hates blankets too so i was always happy to be back home where i can let him wear clothes which actually fit to the weather and wont make him feel insanly hot.

Boxie said...

You are superwomen mashallah to have the ac on at this time of year. I was so cold at 20 I had the heat on and was still freezing.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Mimisha: LOL, sounds just like Oman. Glad he's more comfy now:)

Boxie: I actually have the heater on now, but when visitors come I always have Omani traditional dress on, and that gets hot with 8 or so women crammed into our small women's majlis you know;)

Boxie said...

ya that would be a pain, my old dress was a heater too, is it at your place, the green one from uae? Inshallah they will back off a bit.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

the green 1 is with ah still same with my green Omani dress.