Monday, December 5, 2011

How Would OPNO celebrate the Egyptian Elections were I forced to be in Egypt right now?

For some reason, my father refuses to visit me here in Oman. Yes, yes, I understand the plane ticket is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay expensive. I understand there are far more interesting places (to him) he'd rather be for all that money.... like....for example: "India, or Egypt." His choices, not mine. I'm a Spain and Italy girl, or the English countryside. Or a Whistler weekend on the ski slopes accompanied by a nice romantic sleighride with snow falling and a fireplace and hot chocolate to get back to, if we're speaking vacay [guess where I'm going, inshaAllah, next year].

The funny thing being my father doesn't like dirty, crowded places, and abhors beggars in a vacation locale. So I raise an eyebrow at his "I'd rather" 's. I know for a fact he'd like Oman more, but like so many he thinks of this place as desert and backwards and way too hot. Maybe I've complained too much in emails back home???? Well, no one I've ever spoken to whose had to be in Egypt or gone there has loved too much about Egypt. It is hot, it has alot of beggars, it is dirty (this is Cairo) but if I had to be in Egypt in vacay right now, I'd choose to celebrate the Egyptian elections with a cruise down the Nile. [One of the things people who HAVE been to Egypt tell me make it worthwhile beyond those good 'ole fashioned Pyramids].

And you aren't likely to get tear gassed this week like a group of my friends have either, should you be safely tucked away on this floating hotel on the Nile.

Not on my list of places to go to anytime soon [no offense Egypt], but the Nile?: Beautiful.


Boxie said...

Sadly when the tear gas is being used not even the Nile is safe. More then one boat got gassed in my old neighbourhood. Though in Cairo, now things have gotten better, and vendors have ventured back out onto the streets of downtown. Inshallah things will return to what passes for normal at the moment there.

Candace said...

Was just wondering what this tour company is? I live in Egypt right now & haven't seen photos of a Nile Cruise this beautiful before..! Would love to take it. :)

Candace said...

Masha'Allah! Just wondering.. what is this tour company? It looks beautiful! I live in Egypt & would love to take a cruise down the Nile, and this one looks way better than other options I've seen... please let me know!!

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Canadace: I have a friend who took this cruise. I'll ask her. She gave me the pics via her blog.

Candace said...

Thank you!