Monday, December 26, 2011

DAILY DIARY: Sights Along the Way to Wadi Abyad

In Barka, turning left off the highway at the Lulu roundabout, and then going right past the small park until you come to a paved road surrounded by alot of little mechanic shops ect where usually quite a few trucks are parked, if you head straight eventually you will pass a small village to the left called Habra with quite a few date palms and eventually come to Wadi Abyad (there will be signs and you will go over a bridge). OPNO took a 4x4 the other day to head out there, but was distracted by the sights along the way. Namely some camels on a ridge of sand shortly after the turn off.There were alot of camels, and some very cute baby ones. Which is what really drew OPNO's attention. Running down the sand dunes was also fun. We had no idea really, that there were dunes here.Finally arriving at Wadi Abyad, after going through some mountains spotted with grazing goats where the local Omani women dress in colourful printed village dresses rather than black abayas, it was very private and serene under the setting sun.On the way back we drove through the village of Habra where OPNO just had to stop to photograph these beautiful doors. One could forget and think for a minute they were on the coast of Zanzibar. Except it was better, surrounded by the shade of date palms;). One can also go to Nakl or Rustaq from this road, and a 4x4 is not required to reach all the sights posted on OPNO blog.

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