Thursday, December 8, 2011

Candy Canes Now in Stock at your Local Lulu

It's that time of year. My family will be sending me Western Union gifts (even though I am Muslim and have tried to get them on board the whole Eid train but they think Eid is barbaric and all that with the whole animal cutting bit even though they are okay with frozen supermarket electrified turkeys and what not). But a gift is a gift and in Islam it is rude to refuse and Muslims should give those they love gifts all the year through so... I shall accept. We'll call it a belated Eidiya on our end ;D.

The stores have Charlie Brown style {miskeen} artificial X-mas trees on display [err, sort of], and I will take advantage of all the imported festive chocolates and cookies in stock, as well as my year long love: peppermint candy canes. I like to stir the whipped cream into my cinnimon spiced hot chocolate with them;). Though I don't think 20 candy canes ever cost 1.8 rials back home, but I think I splurge being that they only come around once a year in Oman.

And I was tempted to buy a "Top Gear" holiday countdown calendar, even though no one I am close with is in Oman celebrating the Yule this year anyways, simply because, Top Gear merchandise makes me smile.

Now, does anyone know where they do a good gingerbread in Muscat? I'd do it at home, but the smell of molasses sticks around forever and isn't all that fetching a scent.


Boxie said...

Top gear is awesome. C in canada has a vary good recipe and the smell did not stick around forever. We made some last year and it was really good.

Susan said...

I make gingerbread without molasses. Making it at home is even more special :)

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Boxie: It made someone think of you for sure;)

Susan: Oh do blog it, or email is to me at OPNOprincess @ hotmail [you know the rst] pretty pretty please? Molasses kills me.