Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The perfect bedroom design for my Omani husband

Discussing married life with another woman like myself belonging to an ultra-secret [not really] online club for women married to men from the GCC, we noted our husbands' preferences for sleeping on the floor. This bedroom pictured above, were the bed ON the floor, would suit my husband 100%. Omanis who grew up in a traditional home did not grow up with excess furniture. My husband said mats on the floor were the order of the day. He agrees to my love of mosquitoe netting out of a hate for mosquitoes and flies. The wood beams above and lanterns would remind him of his 400 year old childhood home. The room would also charm me. Tradition CAN sometimes win out in the name of simplicity if the room is as architecturally stunning as this room in the Dubai XVA hotel. Funny thing is, even the most traditionally spartan male would allow a flat screen tv to be placed in this room. Shame. I'd have to hide it somehow in a wardrobe to be sure.

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Noor said...

Asalam Alaykum and welcome back I was missing your post dear. My fil and his siblings used to sleep that way subhanAllah. I do not know how they do it bc we both know the floors here are hard lol.

So whats this ultra secret club I wanna join lol. <--married to Saudi :p