Thursday, September 15, 2011

OPNO still on vacation!

Dear Readers, so sorry for the lack of posts.
I am still on vacation, enjoying the weather by sitting out with tea and good book in my garden courtyard. I have a bunch of non-blog related projects on the go, including renovating a section of the yard, and converting a former guest room in the house into a nursery. Also, I think I would like to paint my kitchen and wallpaper the cabinetry, and hang some Mutrah-related art my husband found. [MOP has a new Year's goal of getting back into painting, as he used to paint when he lived in Muscat until marriage left him too busy for it but now he's got no excuses as I'll eventually go back to work ;)]. I recently bought a new oven which had inspired me to get into the kitchen again, and bake things I have recently reserved for expensive restaurant & dessert splurges [Laudre does deliver straight from Paris to Muscat divine macaroons but baked fresh nothing can beat them!] . Also, dear readers, I am on the lookout to buy a used-pram/baby stroller [newborn size] in good condition and of quality but I am on a budget. If you have one lying around you want to get rid of, leave your email and a description of the stroller/pram in the comments section or email a picture along with contact information and price to .


maioman said...

Have you tried the macaroons from Caramel Bakery here in Muscat? They are a French bakery off of 18 Nov. street. They have a website too. Just thought you might like to know.

Aliyah said...

everyday i check ur blog for new posts but nothing :( miss reading interesting articles. come back fast :)
enjoy ur vacation

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

maioman: Yes, I have. They are very good for Oman. But they just don't taste like the ones from back home still:)

Aliyah: sorry for the delay. I've been having a great time.