Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Examples of Eid Dresses

These are examples of "jalabiyias" the colourful and often highly decorative robes (sometimes fitted in places) many Muslim women choose to wear as house dresses for special occasions, such as the Eid Holiday, following Ramadaan. Along with Omani traditional dress, and Western fashions, and sometimes other Arab regional dresses such as Morrocan caftans (takchita) these are what many Omani women opt to wear for Eid or have made at the tailor.

It is an Eid custom to wear new clothes for the day, and your nicest [but ladies, not in front of the men you are not related to;)].


Hannah Muminah said...

salam sister
Ramadan Kareem to you
MashaAllah all the dress are very beautiful.Thanks for sharing the way to live like an Omani Princess.
Allah Bless my sister

Modest Style Guide said...

wow these are soooo pretty but wayyyy out of my price range im sure

Anonymous said...

Immodest women dream of being treated like a princess...

I say to them dress and act like one.

Such beautiful gowns!


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Hannah Muminah: Wa alaykom e salaam, thank you for reading.

Modest Style Guide: the designer ones are but stores and tailors can whip up look alikes for way less;)

Casey: That is very true. Dress AND act like one;) and you will meet your Prince, just don't settle for the frogs while your waiting;)

Anonymous said...

salam sister,
i read your blog with so much awe. its so fascinating...never knew that Oman is quite modern, I mean little did I know abt the country. N all this while I thought fashion comes from Dubai.