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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Who says we have no choices in abayas;)?: Latifah Al Shamsi

I always laugh when anyone asks me do I struggle to wear abaya everyday. Absolutely not. It gives me fashion freedom underneath (can you my expat lady friends, go walking down the street in a mini skirt and not be stared at?---well under my abaya I can).It is also less hot (in quality fabric) than layering other clothes to be more modest, and to be honest, flatters all figures, x-plus, to minute. I still find the ability to make as many different outfits as anybody else, and it can take me less than 5 minutes to run to the door and look polished to all outside appearences. Check out www.latifalshamsi.wordpress.com to see what kind of options this fashionista has in her closet. All photos belong to her, and mashaAllah, she has great style and the means to it (and a thing for Birkens & kelly bags I totally get). I didn't even post 1/6 of her amazing style, and if you want to know about eating in Emirates, and other girlie goodies, she has some great entry suggestions. I am summer-blog-lovin' her.


hijabi said...

I follow her blog also. She has style!

BintElOud said...

I think I know where you found this *winkwink* :D But don't you just love her? I stayed up till 3 the other night looking at her blog :)

The Modesty Movement said...

salaams....I am currently trying to stock up on my abaya collection

Amy Love said...


That was so much fun to read. Thank you so much.

C said...

Are these louboutins i see?! where from? is there a shop in Oman that i missed??

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

hijabi: aiwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa;)

bint el oud: from amal/;)

the modetsy movement: Walaikom e salaam, all the best with that;)

Amy Love: thank you, check out Fatimah's blog to read alot more about her.

C: They are indeed. She lives in Emirates;) shops online alot, and goes on vacay to Paris sooooo. .....

soso said...

woww lovee it... gorgeous style

People often ask me , is it hard wearing the abaya, dont u feel you are limited in many ways ( being a girl who lovess fashion and styling)..I do not think so at all.. I lovee the abaya and find there are endless ways of glamming it up, switching accessories, rocking the bags and shoes and it looks good all the time.. best thing is i find it so comfy:)

check out my blog for abaya style


Anonymous said...

Nice!!!-though the lipstick shoes are a bit erm, tacky?