Saturday, July 2, 2011

My favourite colour is... Lime green. Why?

Because: Lime smoothies. Or lime with blended mint juice. With lotsa icecubes. Lime caftans. Nothing suits my skin more than lime green with hot pink lipstick. Lime and Papaya soup. Because it is so tropical.
Nailpolish to go with the perfect handbag...
To go with a lovely plain black abaya. And to perfecly suit a before sunrise tennis match with MOP;)
And a brunch of chicken fajitas.
I hope you all have a day filled with whatever is your favourite colour;)


macbookprodad said...

wow lime, my favorite drinks even when I am into seafoods, and will complain later on how my stomach is hurting

No identity.. said...

very lovely post

Balsam said...

I'm loving this color! ... I love the hermes birkin in Kiwi .. it looks fabulous!!

♥●• ا زدهر·•●♥ said...

LIME GREEN is my fav ,too.

Anonymous said...

Salamu aleykum,

do you know the brand name of that kaftan?

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

macbookpordad: mmm lime drinks are the best! So refrwshing.

no identity: thank you kindly.

Balsam: Me too. Covet, covet. I will try to find a similiar hued purse without a 30, 000 price tage;)

Arabic name;: Share the lime love;)

Anonymous: Wa alaykom e salaam, sorry I don't know the caftan brand. I found the pic on google images though, searching "lime kaftan" so aybe you can trace it?

Anonymous said...

Ops, I just saw your response. I couldn't find it, but thank you anyways :-). Ramadhan kareem!