Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Having a Good Weekend?

I hope all the lovely readers here are having a good weekend.

I am happy Ramadaan is coming though I may or may not be able to fast due to health issues. I will try anyways. Still haven't done any Eid shopping but I'll check out the Seeb Exhibition Center (tonight was ladies night---should have gone but I didn't know about it).

This week I drove up to Seeb. Bought mishakeek, sat on the beach (really, the Seeb mishakeek is too salty for my tastes, Al Athaiba is better). Lovely breezy night. Love the Corniche. Love that all the local women wear their lendli/wael outside (those colorful Omani house dresses) sans abaya as the sun is setting. Love the waves on the sand. Also love that the Seeb Lulu sells everything I need to make Mexican food, unlike the other Lulus.

We were planning on checking out a movie but the nothing we wanted to see was on, so we rented a movie, and bought some popcorn, and headed to my place.

I bought a new Narcissus/narjis plant from the garden center in Seeb and it smells lovely in the yard. Nice to sit outside at night, sip some chai/tea and smell jasmine and nacissus.

The small joys of living in Oman.

What are your small joys here?

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