Monday, June 27, 2011

What to write?

Trying to think about what to write.

I could write another diary-style post documenting my weekend drive to Jebel Akdhar but I've written about that before. Besides visiting friends and family for qahwa, nothing beyond the usual beautiful cool clear air, green, and gardens to speak of additionally.

I could write about the herione needle I found on the beach in Barka. Which made me question MOP's knowledge of how diseases are spread since he still doesn't mind running barefoot on this beach. I admit, I'd always been a toes-in-the-sand girl here too, but after this incident I was very much changed in mind and the flip-flops stayed on (and I found myself wishing for something closed-toe). [Apparenly MOP thinks that one cannot get sick from being poked by a random discarded needle, and please all readers who think the same, this is a serrious medical error!].

I could write about the even scarier tale MOP told me about him and the other Omani kids having no idea what these used needles were for and using them as teens as make-shift water guns. YIKES!!!!!! [And no, where he grew up there was no serrious drug problem, alhamdulilah, since I believe these were needles from the clinics for vaccines the government put about at the time but even still....].

But I guess I did write about that here, and that's enough details on the subject of discarded needles and lack of knowledge about how dangerous they are.

Onto what I am making as a snack? Not interesting really. Just yummy.

I could write about my cats. But I won't do that to you.Yeah. I have nothing to write about. Forgive.

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