Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Walk Around PDO Housing (and just outside Ras Al Hamra)

An anonymous who was trying to guess my specific identity out of all the OPNO girls, (majority bets seem to be for Bahla), commented the other day that I specifically seem to be all over the map. This is true. Since marriage MOP has gone through 2 cars and we are onto the third. If you are with me you have to accept that exploring and seeing new things is going to be something you are stuck with in life, and any sights I find aesetically pleasing you are going to have to endure on repeat much like a tour guide. The mileage will add up.
But a few days ago we took MOP to something new to him, Princess' territory: Ras Al Hamra for the PDO housing. Unlike most neighborhoods in Oman, this community isn't heavily gated or fenced (beyond the PDO clubhouse area), so it feels more like a Western neighborhood. Plus you are more likely to see people walking their dogs. Here was revealed the 3 beaches of Princess' childhood [one not commonly held to be a PDO beach but within walking distance from the housing], the golf course, driving range, and gardens down the hill (so beautiful and we saw alot of birds). Just outside the PDO area we visited a Mosque, and walked up to the fancy villas on the hills, one of which Princess used to pretend "Princess Jasmine" from Aladdin lived in when she was small. With dusk, people began running, and riding their bikes, so if you want to find a place for power-walking, running, and riding where you won't be too gawked at, the Ras Al Hamra loop is the place for that [I personally don't recommend Bahla;) as a woman, especially if you are supposed to be acting like an "Omani"].At night we saw Princess' favourite veiw spot from the hill, and MOP asked about fishing from the cliffs that are now fenced of. Princess said they were now fenced off because people had died there, and one of them was a friend from back in the day. It was then decided that we had to come back another time for a day at the lesser known beach, and then a walk up to the small park near Crowne Plaza.

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Boxie said...

Oh the streets of Ras Al Hamra hahaha, I miss the walks. I will Giggle for the rest of my life after seeing something so funny on one walk. I thank the people who are responsible for the memories whoever/where ever they are.