Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Traditional Omani Makeup

Henna: made from the powder of dried henna plant and made into a paste with water, it leaves a reddish brown stain and is used to paint intricate patterns and designs on the hands and feet. Kohl: a black eyeliner made from ground antimony, amorphous carbon, and organic charcoal powder mixed into a dough with different fats and oils, from olive, goat's fat, or fish oil, most commonly in Oman. Beduoin women also make a kohl from the ink of a certain type of squid. It is applied inside the eye rim with a thin stick (dull at the end). Rosewater: a liquid made from the petals of the roses on Jebel Akdhar. There are 2 types, the thicker oil which is used as a perfume, perfume base, or mixed to make another cosmetic called Dehan, and the thinner varient, almost like water, which is used as a breath spray, and to rinse the hair and the face and hands with [leaving a beautiful scent].Dehan is a yellow paste made from ground sandalwood powder mixed with rose water that is traditionally rubbed onto the forehead. There is also a red varient Mahled, but what that is made from I forget [I'll add in its recipe when I remember, but it must be from the prunus mahled plant]. Alot of my relatives love dehan, especially when worn with gold headdresses;)
A traditional moisterizer is made from the seeds of prunus mahled and the flowers of the carthamus tinctorius.And shampoos were made from shoo, sidr, and impomoea nil plants.Indigo facewash/stain: made from the indigo plant, it leaves a bluish tinged stain on the face clothes considered beautiful, especially among Dhofaris and some Beduoin tribes in Oman.
Qurhaf: a wooden platform shoe traditionally worn to increase height. Bukhoor: a perfume derived from the burning of fragrant insence (oud wood chips or frankinscence sap) over charcoal. The resultant fragrant smoke scents the body and clothing.

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