Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To-Do Projects for the next 2 months

I need to start on my Ramadaan decorations and plan 2 parties.

I want to make some pillow covers out of napkins, and an easil/chalkboard out of the headboard and footboard of an old crib for an artist that I know;)I want to make this cute little charger chord-keeper box for our mobiles, and covers for my books and magazines to suit my room better.

I plan to wrap soaps in decorative little peices of wrapping paper and wallpaper to make them look prettier, with ribbons and bows, sew tassels on a few decorative towels, and fold the linens and towels we aren't wrapping and make them look so pretty and organized with ribbons around them.

I plan to paint the guest bedroom a perfect Morrocan-medina shade of pink brown, and paint the ceiling of the room to look life a Morrocan Painted or tiled ceiling. Yet again, may not get around to Now this is one chore I may not get around to, but I intend to paint the wardrobe in the guest bedroom as if it is a faux-inlay one. But this will be a time consuming prject so depends on how on schedule I am with the rest of my summer to-do list. I plan to hang Morrocan and Omani plates around a mirror in the guest room to distract from the air conditioner (which I believe is an eye sore, all acs ARE). I have the perfect mirror, it is Morrocan, and every guest (especially female ones) need a place to check their scarf and hair ect;)I love mosquitoe nets. I plan to hang mosquitoe netting in the corner of the room over the bed, and arrange pillows stylistically there (in a more Arabic versian of that very English bedroom in the last pic). After painting of course.


♥ααℓiα♥ said...

Oooo I can't wait to see ur place inshaaAllah yaaaaa :-D

Boxie said...

Nice, Looking forward to seeing it all :)

Iman (Lifes Balance Beam) said...

I wonder if you could make some sort cover? Not to go directly over the ac's vents or anything, but like around it so that the vents are still out, but the bulk of it is just covered lol. everything sounds so plush! Mashaallah, i love DIY projects so have fun!