Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Images Post

I love this plate set. I could make one with ceramics paint. [BTW, this post is going to be terribly random as I have nothing to talk about but alot of images on my mind.] And isn't the way Maryam wrote the guest card out the cutest with the little feather flourish?I love these embroidered kashmiri blanket and cushions.Alice Temperley caftans... hehehe @ Maryam: "If I robbed a bank I would buy this."Less expensive than the Temperley caftan, hanging paper snow flake decorations, in the desert for a dinner party.
I truly believe that besides a few things we are unable ['cuz we are unwilling to;)] to change about ourselves, the rest we are able to choose. My personality is made up of my choices more than the influences of others.

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