Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Going out of business sale in Al Khuwair Movie Rental Store

They may be all sold out now but check out the movie rental place in Al Khuwair next to the car detailing shop (near Centerpoint there and Gold Furniture). They are clearing out their stock for .500 baisa a movie starting last night. I picked up "Casablanca" my all time fave, and MOP some Westerns, and action flicks.

I asked the Omani girl who works there why the going-out-of-business sale, she said it is because the store owner is only allowed to hire Omanis, and no Omani sticks around long enough to man the store, so it was left down to her [a Uni student with too much studying to take any extra shifts], the owner, and the owner's family members, and everyone was just far too tired.

So if you want to pick up any difficult to download flicks, check it out;)

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