Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I want to go to Yemen!

I asked to go to Yemen on my honeymoon. Why you might ask? Because I have always loved every single Yemeni I have ever met (beyond the qwat chewing habits of course). And Sanaa (the city) is just so gorgeous, and I am a fan of Yemeni handicrafts, and architecture (and Aden has such history). (And if I still listened to music, I loved their music).
So... INshaAllah I'll be able to go next year. It wasn't quite right to go this year. Glad the corrupt old president is gone though.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Own Photos (and B's & some probably my Mum): Sultan Qaboos Grande Mosque 2006 & 2009-10ish

My Own Photos: Qantab Beach 2006

A lovely day at the beach my sis and I spent at Qantab back in 2006:

(I have a thing for old Mosques).

Yeah, walking on that roof was soooooo not a good idea (I was covered in dust when a section caved in). Alhamdulilah I wasn't hurt at all, and was a little mroe willing to take advice about what is structurally sound and what isn't.

Our fave midnight hang-out ledge. For loosing Ah's fishing rods.